I am a patient of Dr. Massimo and had the Shockwave Therapy done to my feet. Prior to having the Shockwave treatment I had had several other treatments from physical therapy to injections. I was in pain every morning and later towards the end of the day. At times, the pain was a 10 out of 10. I am a registered nurse and need to be on my feet all the time. I got orthotics hoping they would work but to no avail. My back was starting to be affected by the way I was walking trying to compensate for the severe pain. I ended up with fractures to both my heels from compensating for the pain. I had the Shockwave Therapy done to both heels and have had no problems since. I would highly recommend this procedure. It should be done sooner than later so patients don't end up in the condition I was in. The worst part about the whole treatments was the injections of the lidocaine prior to the procedure. I do not regret at all having the treatments. Thank you Dr. Mas

- Dawn Ange on 09/12/2017

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with ESWT. I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon for my foot problem for ~ 1 year (pills, orthotics, therapy). He suggested it was time to consider surgery. I am a Type II diabetic and was very concerned about any type of surgery on my foot. After much research I cam across ESWT on the internet but the closest place that did this was in Ithaca. To make a long story short, I heard an add on the radio that referenced your www.rochestershockwave.com web site. I made an appointment with Dr. Pietrantoni. He first suggested a different foot orthotic, medicine and a night splint. Well this got me past basketball season (I officiate girls basketball). I didn’t want to give up something that I enjoyed doing. Once the season was over, he promptly scheduled me to do the ESWT treatment. The worst part of the procedure was the ankle block prior to the procedure. Dr. Pietrantoni kept me well informed of the next step during the procedure which kept me comfortable with him. A week later, I was back to work, walking and going up the stairs. As to my surprise no heel pain. At the follow up visit with Dr. Pietrantoni he informed me of what to expect and what I needed to do for the following weeks. 12 weeks later, I am starting to do a little running and still no heel pain. I am now looking forward to getting back to officiating and no longer am I concerned about my foot. I understand he must go through the process to make sure traditional treatments were not successful before suggesting ESWT, but it was well worth the time, for me the procedure was a success, no cutting into the foot and no infections. Thank you Dr. Pietrantoni.

- Wilson Burgos on 09/12/2017

Dear Dr. Pietrantoni, Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts to get the approval needed for my “shockwave therapy treatment.” I am deeply indebted to you for helping me get my life back on track – free of pain and pain killers. I am truly grateful for your help and I hope I can reciprocate by recommending your services to others and informing Kodak (once I am sure it worked for me) of my great success with this treatment and asking they work with our HMO’s to allow others the same opportunity to be pain free and productive in our lives and jobs. Thanks so very much. (Pain for this patient was at 8 out of 10 prior to ESWT at 3 months post ESWT she rated pain at 1 out of 10 and stated she is “ Very Satisfied!”)

- Sharon Winter on 09/12/2017

I saw your ad in one of the local newspapers and was thrilled to see that shockwave therapy is now available. I had this procedure done in 1999 during an experimental blind treatment study at Strong Memorial with Dr. Judith Baumhauer. I had heel pain for approximately 7 years prior to being able to get into the blind study. I had tried heel cushions, Advil for long periods of time, cortisone shots, all to no avail. I had minor pain relief for short periods of time with the above treatments. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I was to get into that study. My results were tracked for about a year after receiving my second treatment. I was given the option of two treatments because I felt the first one didn’t work. In retrospect, I know that the first treatment was a placebo because I had no pain relief at all. I opted to have a second treatment and could tell it was not a placebo treatment because there was some pain associated with the application of the shockwave even with the ankle block. The actual treatment was a godsend to me because within 24 hours I no longer had pain. I had been in pain for the last 5 years! I don’t know how many people in that study achieved the kind of relief I had, but even if I had achieved 75%-80% relief it would have been more than worth it to me. I know the FDA approved this treatment, I just hope the insurance companies will decide to cover this treatment because it sure made a difference in my quality of life. Good luck with your endeavors

- Jill Bak on 09/12/2017

I am doing excellent! After about the third week I really started getting better. I had some good days and not so good, but over all improvement. My foot feels so much better. It is more flexible and has gotten stronger. I can do again almost anything. I have orthotics now also, as possibly they have contributed to my recovery. I followed all the instructions given to me by Rochester Podiatry. I feel like a miracle has happened! I had pain for 6 months where every step I took hurt. I also used to get shooting pains up my leg. I have no more shooting pain and my foot feels 95% better. Thank you so much! This treatment should not be considered experimental! It works!

- J. Gregor on 09/12/2017

I started having chronic plantar fasciitis pain. Once I had tried at least three different measures to attempt to subside the pain, Dr. Pietrantoni suggested Shockwave Therapy (ESWT). He also gave me the option of surgery but stated that this was less invasive than surgery, and overall ESWT had a great outcome. Only downside is it's not covered by insurance, however, the success rate is 90% with the first treatment. And should you need a second treatment there is no additional cost. The actual treatment took about an hour for both of my feet, and was rather painless. I expected immediate results despite what I had been told, and therefore got a little frustrated when it didn't happen. However, over the next couple weeks I started to notice that I did have significantly less pain some days, and a little after two months I was having more good days than bad. I would suggest this procedure to anyone who has chronic fasciitis pain, it helps significantly. The best part was no hospital and I was in and out of the office in just a few hours.

- Patricia Woz on 09/12/2017

I had suffered with plantar fasciitis for many years. I no longer went barefoot, couldn't were dress shoes and was not able to comfortably walk my dog. You name the treatment. . . exercises, rest, shots, orthotics- I had it all with minimal temporary improvement. I was recommended to Dr. Pietrantoni by a colleague. He found I was an excellent candidate for ESWT. I had the procedure done and after gradual improvement I am completely pain free. I am so looking forward to long spring walks and wearing dress shoes again, once the weather breaks. I will be forever indebted to Dr. Pietrantoni for his excellent care.

- Linda R. Wilbur on 09/12/2017

I usually don't put a lot of trust in testimonials but I have to shout out loud that shockwave therapy took my foot pain away! Before ESWT pain was the first thing on my mind every time I would get up at walk. Now that's a thing of the past and I'm up and walking without any pain at all- I'm back to normal! Everyone was so nice and thoughtful during the procedure and it's hard to believe that I was once told surgery was the only options left for me. Thanks Dr. Pietrantoni and ESWT! I am so glad I found you

- Sandra J. on 09/12/2017

I am overjoyed with the results of my ESWT treatment. After the bad news from two different orthopedic surgeons regarding their treatment which entailed detachment of my Achilles tendon and re-attachment with metal clips after debridement. I researched alternative treatments. I considered myself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this corrective and healing process provided by ESWT at Rochester Podiatry. One year ago, I would limp down the stairs in the morning, experiencing the usual agonizing pain and burning at the back of my heel. Then, my work days would always be a challenge, requiring me to try and limit the time spent on my feet, as the more I walked, the pain worsened. Now, one year later I bounce down the stairs in the morning virtually pan free. And experience every day to the fullest. I can again walk 18 holes or golf, run with my dog, ski, hike or whatever my wife and I want to experience. It's wonderful having such a positive, life changing physical experience. I want to thank Rochester Podiatry and the ESWT people from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to enjoy my life again!

- W. Smith on 09/12/2017

My pain was a 10/10 before the ESWT procedure and now I am pain free!! I am able to walk long distance again and enjoy life! I would recommend this treatment to all patients that have had any kind of foot/heel pain. I have tried all avenues of treatment prior to this. I have had the ESWT which resulted in being pain free! Thank you Dr. Pietrantoni and Staff!

- Gloria R on 09/12/2017

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